Business & Family Law Mediation

Settle your disputes amicably and with confidentiality. Business and family arbitration with neutral mediators

Business mediation is the most common form of ADR, usually resulting a bilateral contract between the two disputing parties. Business mediation includes work in finance, small business disputes, shipping disputes and real estate matters. In certain areas, mediators have specialized regulations and typically operate under special circumstances that give them the ability to creating legal binding agreements similar to a judgement issued by a court, but under the approval of all parties involved. Business mediation can be used to resolve many types on conflict. The mediator is a neutral party who is not emotionally attached and is skilled in dialogue as to how to resolve the dispute amicably and in a timely fashion. 

Handling Family Disputes in a Fair and Just Fashion

Our firm helps individuals resolve disagreements about marriage, divorce, alimony,  child custody and child support payments, division of property, taking care of elderly, wills and estate planning as well as other internal family disputes.

There are many advantages to using Mediation to resolve a dispute vs. litigation and going to court:

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