Credit Card & Debt Defense Lawsuit Attorneys in Dallas, TX.

Debt Defense, Credit Card Lawsuit

We specialize in Debt Defense and Credit Repair Services

Are you being harrassed by credit card companies, debt collectors, or facing a lawsuit from a creditor? We can help. Our FLAT FEE structure will help you settle or negotiate the best terms for your situation, prevent a default judgement against you and work out a settlement or payment plan on your behalf. Once you retain us, we put your best interest in mind to give you the best outcome possible. In many cases, creditor lawsuits were dismissed so the client did not have to pay the creditor. Others were settled for a much lower amount.

Are you being sued for outstanding debt?

Let us defend you against creditors seeking a judgement against you, we can negotiate to give you a much better outcome:

Our Flat Fee structure is straightforward, no headaches, no hassles

Proven and trusted, we can create a payment plan to fit your budget, and help you fix your credit. We can appear on your behalf for court appearances and create a single payment plan for all creditors that involved.

Need to speak to a legal advisor about your debt options? Fill out the form below and we will get back with you asap:

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